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The Ugly Little Stove That Really Works  

Emergency, Temporary,  Green House, Sheds, Off Grid, Home Heating, Cooking & Camping 

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Uses what others throw away. Helps clean our wooded areas and cities.


Spence in ID.: "Works like a champ now, .... this thing really is awesome." Videos & Customer Feedback:  HERE

* Small 12" X 12" footprint, 40" H. *  Can be used for lite cooking.
* 160 Deg. Fan forced heating air output.  Uses left over tree cuttings, construction
* Est. 90% plus efficiency, heat into your room      waste lumber and other combustibles.
    or tent  not up the exhaust pipe. Adjustable feet. 
Cooler, fire safe, 170 deg. exhaust temps. Heats up to 700 Sq. Ft.
*  No smoke - 600 deg. + internal burn temps. Uses inexpensive 3" heater duct exhaust,  not  included.
Easy setup & transport, fits in the trunk of your car. *  End most, if not all, of your heating costs! 
Can be used with or without 110 VAC thermal  * EPA testing pending. 
    controlled fan.

* 90% Hand made in the U.S.A.

Weighs less than 40 lbs.

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Was $695   Now $595

Instruction Manual is   Here

With Damper  $610

FREE UPS Shipping, lower 48 states. International & others please
email us for shipping costs. Not available California and Canada.   

   Please note, Camper Stove is non-refundable.

Please inquire for approximate shipping date before ordering. 

Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.

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