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Here we will share some of our new projects and products we are currently working on. Progress is often slower than we would like but keep in mind we finance these with our own money. There are no  bank loans or stock holders. Donations to our work help keep things moving are gratefully accepted.   

At Simple Fire our mission objective is zero emissions and cooler exhaust temperatures.  Upcoming EPA requirements will mandate  changes to all wood burning appliances to conform to these new changes. Our planet has limited resources, waste is no longer an option. 

This is what we are doing.....

Below is one of our test runs for the Cooking Adaptor. It is adjustable from high to low heating and there is no hazardous open flame. The adaptor pictured is for testing and  configuration only, final unit will be simpler. 

Adjusted for high heat

Adjusted for low heat

Egg after 60 seconds

New stand. To the right is the new stand for Camper. Footprint is now 12" X 12". 

The Camper stove is our base unit. It is from here we now have basic reference points to build on.  Below are some of the modifications being tested. We added a 'Muffler' to Camper to test additional heat recovery and lower exhaust temps.  What is inside the Muffler is a secret.  This test worked well and produced better air flow but not what we wanted for results. 

Here we increased the length of the secondary burn chamber. Originally the secondary burn chamber was 36" high. After some test burning we discovered that maximum heat is reached at 24".  More than 24" heat diminished.  Note the colors on the tubing. The blue is the maximum total chamber  temperature achieved which is about 575 deg.  at 24" from the top and 800 deg. at the top. Below this point the temperature decreased. We modified this unit to what you see now. In its present configuration the lower chamber temps are under 200 deg. This is not the final configuration just a starting point.

Tent Demo

This was one of our Saturday demo's at a local retailer to demonstrate operation in a tent. We set up Camper in an (old) tent to show customers the difference between outside air temp (about 45 deg.) and inside air temp. (about 75 deg.) We are working on a exhaust exit that can be attached to the tent and caped when not in use.


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